An Unforgettable
Family Safari Experience

An Unforgettable Family Safari Experience

Expect magical family memories during your family safari in Tsavo

Finch Hattons is the perfect spot for families, providing activities and facilities to suit every generation!

Thanks to the Young Explorers’ Club, your children will have a wonderful and memorable time in Kenya. As per the Native American saying, at Finch Hattons, we too consider the Earth a borrowed possession rather than something we’ve inherited from our forebears. The young explorers in our care are the future, and we hope to instil in them a love of the wilderness that will last a lifetime.

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Comfort & Luxury

Child-friendly Family Safari suites

Our two kid-friendly family suites have two bedrooms and a shared lounge area, with plenty of room to relax and soak in the beauty of nature. One suite is also equipped to accommodate disabled guests.

In addition, our 17 luxury suites provide stunning views and complete seclusion. As you step into our open-plan tented suites, the cool breeze from nearby springs and the African bush’s familiar sounds and scents will envelop you in a peaceful atmosphere.

Our People

Finch Hattons has an incredible team of Kenyans, many of whom have worked with us for decades, well-versed in the art of Kenyan Hospitality.

Our people are intimately familiar with their second home and enjoy describing its many attractive features to our guests. We live to ensure that every client who experiences our extraordinary corner of the world will leave with unforgettable memories. From our chefs to our rangers and guides, every member of the Finch Hattons team is passionate about delivering exceptional service with a Kenyan flair.

Our Place

Finch Hattons is a luxury African safari camp that combines its love for Tsavo with world-class facilities. The camp is entirely isolated, so much so that you would be forgiven for forgetting that the rest of the world exists at all. In this place, it’s just you, the vast and varied terrain that stretches in every direction, and the many beasts and birds that call it home.

Surrounded by the wondrous beauty of Kenya, the natural springs nearby invite a cool breeze while the sights, smells, and sounds of the bush give an immersive atmosphere.

Our Tsavo

Discover the unfiltered magic of Tsavo as you and your loved ones explore the rich biodiversity and vast terrain on a family safari of a lifetime.

Tsavo National Park is the oldest and largest in Kenya spanning across 65 hectares of land, making it larger than several European countries and six times the size of the Maasai Mara. Established in 1948, Tsavo National Park is set against the breathtaking backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro, and is home to the magnificent Chyulu hills in the east as well as the mystical Shetani lava formations to the west.

Untamed Wilderness

Tsavo is one of the world’s best kept secrets with over 16 000 species of wildlife and over 500 species of native birds residing in the untamed wilderness of our great national park.

A family safari to Finch Hattons would be incomplete without the unforgettable sightings of Africa’s Big 5. With over 12,000 elephants that roam the Tsavo plains and an abundance of antelope, hippo, giraffe and zebra, Tsavo National Park epitomises the very definition of untamed wilderness. Together with the assistance of our knowledgeable guides, you and your family will experience the sights and sounds of lions, leopards and buffalo in all their glory.

Fun for the Young

Exciting Family Activities

Step into an unforgettable family safari adventure in Tsavo

Your Family Safari is packed with amazing, kid-friendly activities – from exhilarating morning and evening game drives through Tsavo to explore its spectacular wildlife, to a fascinating bush survival class! Plus, nature walks give you the chance to become acquainted with the area’s plants and animals. Get further acquainted with Tsavo’s incredible history, geology, and ecosystems in our extensive resource centre. 

After a fun-filled day, why not take a refreshing plunge in the beach pool while basking in the African sunshine? Treat yourselves to a pampering spa session or snuggle up by the outdoor boma in front of the water where hippos and crocodiles roam. Then, as the day draws to an end, settle around a cozy bonfire to the symphony of nature that surrounds you.

Guest Reviews

May 26, 2023.
ale maleko
ale maleko
March 31, 2023.
William , Jonathan and team... Good job.
carl chaffee
carl chaffee
January 10, 2023.
Monicah Mwende
Monicah Mwende
December 27, 2022.
The best place to be if you love being in the wild.
Erin Sandral
Erin Sandral
December 25, 2022.
We were a family of 10 staying at Finch Hattons over Christmas. We, like many families, have Christmas traditions which can sometimes be hard to deliver on when away from home. Johnathan and the team at Finch Hattons were so incredibly accommodating, helpful and gracious and delivered on every single thing we asked for - including cookies and milk for Santa, and a dedicated room (with a Christmas tree just for us!) for us to open our gifts on Christmas morning. The food and service were second to none - all delivered by a team of incredible people. Our stay at Finch Hattons was just perfect. There simply is no other place on the planet that could have made us feel more welcomed or cared for. Thank you from all of us, and we will most certainly be back!
Nathan Ndungu
Nathan Ndungu
September 17, 2022.
Awesome 👌

Our Rates & Specials

At Finch Hattons, we are passionate about helping you create an unforgettable family safari! Our experienced team of experts will guide you through each step of the way, ensuring your group has an amazing journey.

View our rates and specials or reach out to us today and start your thrilling family safari adventure!

Pay 2, Stay 3

Experience the wonders of our luxury tented camp with 3 unforgettable nights at Finch Hattons – plus, get 1 night absolutely free!

01 Mar – 31 May 2023
01 Nov – 15 Dec 2023

Long Stay

 Spend 5 nights or more at Finch Hattons Luxury Tented Camp and receive a special long stay rate. Contact us for further information.

02 Jan - 17 Dec 2023

Other Luxury Experiences

Embark on a breathtaking African safari adventure with our range of exclusive experiences

Experience the ultimate Kenyan safari adventure with Finch Hattons! Our range of immersive wildlife activities provide you with the most unique and memorable experience - perfect for any momentous occasion or just to explore the wilderness. We look forward to hosting you with our renowned hospitality.

Start Your African
Safari Adventure

Start Your African Safari Adventure

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+254 70 953 4000
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