What To Pack For A Safari In Kenya


Planning a Kenyan safari is a dream trip for so many! Your tickets are booked, your camp is booked and now…it’s time to pack your bags. But what should you pack for a visit to Finch Hattons? We are so glad you asked!


It is advisable to pack light clothing for the day as it gets warm and humid. Make sure your clothes are comfortable for sitting in game drive vehicles. Consider clothing that is light in colour, as to not attract sunlight or tsetse flies.


A fleece or sweater for early morning game drives, as well as in the evening, is recommended as it can get chilly.

Sunglasses, sunscreen, insect repellent and a hat are also highly recommended.


Finch Hattons is a comfortable and casual camp (when you’re here, you’re our family), so do not feel obligated to pack very fancy clothing for dinners. Guests can certainly wear clothes of their choosing, but we do not enforce a dress code. Come as you are and stay as long as you’d like!


Don’t forget – plastic bags are strictly prohibited in Kenya, so please make sure to leave any at home. At Finch Hattons, we provide complimentary laundry service with a stay, so there is no need for a dirty laundry bag 🙂