The Magnificent Elephants Of Tsavo


Tsavo is Kenya’s oldest and largest national park, totaling 20,333 sq. km. and was originally designated as Kenya’s first national park in 1948. 


Being the largest park in Kenya and bordering Tanzania, Tsavo is home to 1/3 (roughly 12,000) of the total population of Kenya’s elephants. 


The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust has been performing studies on elephant migratory patterns using radio and satellite collars within the park and surrounding areas.


The goal is to determine the established migratory routes, how to best protect those routes and, ultimately, how to reduce any human elephant conflict. 

Tsavo is also home to the last of the super tuskers of Kenya, a subgroup of elephants with tusks so long they nearly touch the ground. 


The famed “red elephants” also hail from Tsavo, getting their name from the vibrant red soil that makes for a perfect mud bath, giving the illusion of a red elephant.


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