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Boundless space. Varied terrain. Unrivalled biodiversity. And something else – something magical, something difficult to define. For all these reasons and more, Tsavo will leave an indelible imprint on you. This is the African bush as you’ve never known it before.

Tsavo is Kenya’s oldest and largest national park. Dating to 1948 and totalling nearly 22,000 square kilometres, it is six times the size of the Maasai Mara and larger than a number of European countries.


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The park borders Kenya’s Chyulu National Park and Tanzania’s Mkomazi National Park, as well as various sanctuaries, conservancies and group ranches. When you stand on our viewing deck, everything you see is protected ground.

Tsavo’s immense size makes it home to more landscapes, ecosystems, fauna and flora than you could ever witness in a single visit. Its rainforests and semi-arid scrublands beg for exploration, while its volcanic lava fields, Jurassic-age granite monoliths and ancient caves offer endless opportunities for walks and hikes. Over 12,000 elephants roam Tsavo’s plains, as well the largest population of red elephant in East Africa. Gaze upwards and you will find 500 species of bird native to the area, making Tsavo a twitcher’s paradise. In the distance, Kilimanjaro’s peaks are almost always visible, omniscient, immense and silent.

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It’s quite difficult to portray the magic of Tsavo in just a few words… It really grips your soul. Tremendous contrasts everywhere. Tsavo, in fact, has a greater bio-diversity than any other place on earth. The more you know about nature, the more you can learn.


Given Tsavo’s sheer enormity and its unique eco-system, it has a very diverse landscape. From the cloud forest on the Chyulu Hills, semi-arid scrub, volcanic lava fields, Jurassic age granite monoliths and the cliffs of the Yatta plateau, one of the world’s largest at roughly 290km long, one can spend days and days and barely scratch the surface of what Tsavo has to offer.

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But Tsavo is not just about its landscapes and resident wildlife – exquisite though they are. There’s also something subtler, something more intangible, that makes our home unique. Tsavo offers a particular kind of romance, a glimpse into a prehistoric past, and the chance to leave the world behind entirely. It is this sensation that remains with you long after you leave Tsavo, that continues to echo through your mind, heart and spirit, and that eventually calls you back.

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.”


Finch Hattons is located in close proximity to several Maasai community ranches, and we employ both local Maasai and Kamba people in key roles in camp management and as safari guides. We maintain solid relationships with these communities, and encourage and educate them to become avid conservationists and environmentalists who can joinus in our stewardship of this incredible piece of Kenya.

Looking ahead, we intend to promote grassroots ecological and cultural conservation projects that engage our communities in long term and ultimately profitable ways. Our intention is to contribute to the economic development of our communities, improve standards of living, conserve our pristine wilderness, and facilitate the preservation of Maasai culture.

We strongly believe in being responsible stewards of the magical place we are fortunate to call home. We have taken great care to ensure that our presence and activities have a minimal impact on our surrounding ecosystems, while still providing a luxury safari experience.

It is our hope to work alongside the Maasai community and Kenya Wildlife Service to improve the standard of living, to support projects that are both beneficial to the community and to the environment we occupy, and to encourage and promote conservation and a variety conservation projects.

Our end goal is in preserving the pristine wilderness, allowing the Maasai to preserve their culture, At Finch Hattons, we never take the environment around us for granted, and pride ourselves on the sustainable materials and practices we use.

All of our camp’s water comes from the pristine, clean and clear natural springs that surround us. We draw it directly from source, and purify and bottle it at the camp. We cherish this life-giving force, and the vitality it brings to our often harsh and unforgiving environment.

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In our efforts to ensure that Our Camp has little impact as possible, we have installed an integrated wastewater system. All of the camp’s wastewater passes through a biodigesting filtration system, which uses natural organic processes to break down waste in the same way nature does, but in a fraction of the time. Our Tents are also equipped with solar hot water heaters, ensuring that we take full advantage of the bright Tsavo sun. Rest assured, however, that our heating systems aren’t affected by cloudy days, and a hot shower will always be ready and waiting for you.

The layout of our tents has been carefully designed to minimise our visual intrusion on the landscape while maximising our guests’ privacy. In their layout, each tent dissolves the boundary between the wilderness beyond and the luxury within. We’re proud to have achieved this without impacting the ecology of our perfect place.

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Tsavo features prominently in the world-famous book and film, Out of Africa. In the film, Robert Redford plays Denys Finch Hatton, and Meryl Streep his lover, Baroness Karen Blixen. Denys Finch Hatton loved Tsavo, and lived and died here. At our camp, we have preserved the ideals that he lived by: a passion for the Kenyan wilderness coupled with a dedication to elegance and style.

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