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Having lived in Africa for nearly two decades and as a travel writer for half of that time, I have seen a fair bit on and off the beaten safari track. But, there comes a time when the perfect safari is no longer about seeing animals roaming around on the savannah; you have noticed that many times. Instead, it becomes all about landscapes and unique wildlife situations. And, of course, to be out there in nature, preferably with the rare feeling of being the only person on the planet.

I have seen a lot of beautiful places in my life. Some take your breath away and make you feel close to God. This is a rare beauty that no manufactured building or monument has ever quite archived. It is the birthplace of spirituality, where time stands still, and you get this peculiar feeling of having arrived home, even though it’s a place you have never been. This is what we found when watching the sunrise over the Chyulu Hills. It is a bit of a journey that, for the most part, doesn’t seem to make sense. You leave the camp at 3.30 am and drive for more than an hour on bumpy roads through the night. But I would do it a thousand times over to experience that sunrise. We have done it three times, and every time we agree that it wasn’t the last.

To me, “luxury” is no longer defined by beautiful spaces with soft sheets and poached eggs with smoked salmon for breakfast. Luxury is the feeling of effortless warmth that people can only create. When you are on this level, it is expected. I love being a guest at Finch Hattons and keep coming back. They have mastered the art of luxury safari.

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Guest Author: Niels Iver Rosenkrantz

Our Safari Home Away from Home

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