A Family Safari in Africa – 3 Reasons this is a must-do


28 Years and going strong




There is no doubt that children make our world special, and when you put them in natural surroundings, they seem to literally blossom with infectious enthusiasm. That is the sentiment of parents who brought their families to Finch Hattons in Kenya. One such father was amazed at how his once quiet son, generally zoned in on his PlayStation, became the most expressive and energetic child they could ever hope for. Likewise, a mother gushed about how her daughter fell in love with nature and animals and now wants to explore a career as a vet.


No, we don’t perform magic tricks for your children and help them with their future career paths during your stay, but we do expose them to the wonders only a family safari in Africa can offer.


Your next destination – A Family Safari in Africa


Family Safari in AfricaWhether it’s because we all, at some point in our heritage, lived out in the open, experiencing the raw beauty and splendour of a boundless ecosystem, when put back in that kind of environment, we realise we were not truly living before.


With over 22 000 square kilometres of semi-arid lands and rainforests, volcanic lava fields, ancient caves and landscapes that seem to go on forever, you feel like a child in a candy store. However, our candy is healthier and will induce a high that will last a lifetime.


If you’re unsure where your next family vacation will be, let us help you along with those 3 reasons …


Reason 1 – The Young Explorer’s Club


We are all earth children, and the Young Explorer’s Club ensures your little ones leave with a sense of pride. Besides giving them an educational journey of a lifetime, we ensure their experience with us is memorable. Their time at Young Explorer’s Club is all about them, instilling a lifelong passion for the bush and, yes, often leading them to more extraordinary adventures outside of Finch Hattons borders. We aim to remind them of their ancestral history and help them go forward to conserve nature always.


Reason 2 – Activities to Thrill and Delight


Imagine you had never tracked an animal before, looked out for little paw prints and heard the call of an eagle mother flying to feed her hatchlings? Imagine never having seen a field of flowers so beautiful that you think you’re looking at an oil painting? Our little adventurers need not imagine. At Finch Hattons, as part of your family safari in Africa, we will take them on guided walks explaining the wonders of all flora and fauna along the way. We will teach them how to track animals from their footprints, spoor and calls. Our experienced guides have much knowledge surrounding the history of Finch Hattons, the Tsavo landscapes, ecosystems, geology and wildlife. You may have to drag them away … just a warning.


Reason 3 –Bonfire Family Time


Fire has warmed, fed, and secured us for years, so what better way to bond with your family than around our magnificent nightly bonfire. So here we welcome the parents to partake in watching movies under the stars on our big screen and listen to the fascinating folk stories and myths our Maasai guides are so adept at telling. You will undoubtedly feel like a child all over again.


And, when all is said and done, and you’re patting yourself on the back for indulging in this family safari in Africa, you can wrap your angels up and slip them into their warm beds for a good night’s rest. But, believe us, they will need it for the next day’s adventures.



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