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Welcome to our luxury tented camp where your journey to an unforgettable African safari experience begins. Whether you are a first time guest or a returning visitor, our hospitality team is ready to make each and every minute a memorable experience.

On this page you will find information about our activities, Chyulu Spa, dining areas, game drives, activities for young explorers as well as our site map and park fees. Feel free to explore and enjoy at your leisure. We are here to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Please don’t hesitate to contact our Finch Hattons ambassadors at or +254 71 602 1818 for all your needs and special requests.

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Award-Winning Oasis

Our Wildlife & Birdlife

Step into the wild and experience the vastness of Tsavo National Park, where the largest population of striking red elephants in East Africa gracefully wander the plains. These majestic creatures share their habitat with abundant wildlife including antelope, hippos, giraffes, and zebras. Sightings of our regal lions, the elusive leopard, wild dogs, and formidable buffaloes are part of your ultimate safari adventure.

The park’s birdlife is both captivating and alluring with over 500 bird species, ranging from the dazzling Lilac Breasted Roller and the regal Eurasian Roller to the mighty Martial Eagles and Golden Weavers – a true twitcher’s paradise.

Our Landscapes & Biodiversity

Traverse through the rainforests and semi-arid scrublands, and marvel at the ancient Jurassic-age granite monoliths and volcanic lava fields. Each exploration offers a glimpse into the storied past, from the cloud forest of the Chyulu Hills to the expansive cliffs of the Yatta plateau.

Endless opportunities for adventure and historical storytelling within the park’s ancient caves present itself to the intrepid traveller seeking a wealth of knowledge that one visit to Tsavo National Park is impossible to unfold.

Our Unique Ecosystem

Tsavo National Park’s enchantment and wonder go beyond its breathtaking landscapes. It exudes an elusive quality that decades of guests have struggled to put into words. This haven of natural beauty is imbued with a particular kind of romanticism that is hard to resist, transporting you back to a primordial time when the world was still at its youngest.

Tsavo’s mystical ambience lingers long after you leave, staying with you like a cherished memory, beckoning you to return. Create unforgettable moments in one of the most extraordinary places on Earth.

Adventure Awaits

Experience all the splendour of Tsavo National Park and our luxury tented camp.

From bush walks, game drives and children’s activities to community visits, gastronomical dining experiences and relaxing spa treatments at our award winning Chyulu Spa.

Our People,
Your Hosts

Our exceptional hospitality sets the standard for the industry, with our renowned fine dining, exemplary service, and unforgettable safaris. Together, under the leadership of the Gehlot Family, we take great pride in upholding our history, heritage and sterling reputation for being one of Africa’s leading luxury tented camps.

With over 30 years experience in curating authentic luxury safaris for local and international guests, you can expect nothing but the best from your welcoming and knowledgeable hosts.

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Experience the extraordinary at Finch Hattons

Browse through our video gallery for a glimpse into our camp, our luxury tented suites as well as our wildlife and activities.

Kenya Wildlife Service

The Kenya Wildlife Service is dedicated to the preservation and oversight of Kenya's rich wildlife, serving both the people of Kenya and the global community. This commitment is exemplified by their enduring and prosperous 30-year partnership with Finch Hattons within Tsavo National Park.

The Kenya Wildlife Service undertakes the conservation and management of wildlife resources across all protected area systems in collaboration with its stakeholders. Their vision is to conserve Kenya’s wildlife and its habitats for posterity. Our Director Leena Gehlot is an Honorary Park Warden for Tsavo National Park.

Save Giraffes Now

Finch Hattons proudly partners with Save Giraffes Now, a vital force in safeguarding the endangered Maasai giraffe. This collaboration focuses on gathering crucial data, illuminating giraffe populations and movements for enhanced protection.

Our alliance with Save Giraffes Now reflects Finch Hattons' dedication to sustainable tourism and environmental stewardship. Together, we're driving awareness about biodiversity conservation and the significance of the Maasai giraffe's role in the African savannah. This partnership underscores the power of collective action in preserving nature's wonders and ensuring the Maasai giraffe's enduring presence on our planet.

Africa Yoga Project

Our Yoga instructors are graduates from the renowned Africa Yoga Project Program which not only educates, but empowers individuals from underprivileged communities through the transformative practice of Yoga. We are proud to support a wellness and leadership partner such as Africa Yoga Project in a national bid to create equal employment opportunities for the citizens of Kenya.

The course is a 200-hour Yoga-Alliance Certified Teacher Training that certifies holders to teach a 1-hour yoga class based on the Bapiste Methodology.

Amara Conservation

Amara, driven by a profound commitment to nature's preservation, employs the powerful tools of conservation education and unwavering awareness to actively safeguard wildlife and their habitats while honouring Kenya's cultural traditions in the untamed wilderness.

For over 20 years, Amara has cultivated deep connections with the communities bordering Tsavo's vast domain. Through captivating films, enlightening workshops, and engaging lectures, they have ignited a resounding call for sustainable harmony between locals and the invaluable treasure that is Tsavo. Amara's presence shines as a beacon, nurturing a collective ethos that transcends borders, fostering an indomitable spirit of environmental stewardship.

Tsavo Trust

Nestled within the captivating embrace of the Tsavo Conservation Area (TCA), Tsavo Trust emerges as a dynamic force, propelled by a resolute dedication to securing a future teeming with life and vitality for both the majestic wildlife and the resilient people of Tsavo.

From its headquarters in the Kamungi Conservancy, Tsavo Trust comprises a team of seasoned professionals immersed in the realm of conservation and wildlife management. The team is committed to forging collaborative partnerships by uniting governmental, nongovernmental, community, and private stakeholders, harmonizing their efforts and aspirations to weave a shared vision for a sustainable future, where the wonders of Tsavo thrive in perpetuity.

Our Dining Locations

Dine in style surrounded by nature at Finch Hattons

Our culinary team creates a feast for the senses, ensuring that every meal is a unique adventure. Dine under the twinkling African sky with an elegant candlelit dinner, or enjoy a fine dining experience while stargazing on our terrace. For those looking to unwind, the Karen Blixen Lounge offers a bygone-era ambience to savour your favourite cocktail, while our Cigar Lounge reveals a rembrandt romance, with the finest selection of premium cigars.

As the night draws to a close, retire to our inviting bars and lounges that cater to every mood and occasion, offering a cosy atmosphere to unwind, relax and forget about the world beyond Finch Hattons.

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