Discover 6 Spectacular Luxury Safari Experiences In Kenya

Amidst the sprawling wilderness of Africa, Finch Hattons stands tall as a haven of extravagance and thrill. It was named after one of Kenya’s greatest adventurers and conservationists and presents the best luxury safari escapade. Finch Hattons offers a diverse range of tailored experiences for international travellers seeking an authentic African luxury safari. From solo travellers and families to honeymooners and couples seeking the ultimate romantic getaway.

Off road vehicle with people on board travelling a dirt road through an African landscape, as part of their luxury safari experience.

The Solo Luxury Safari Experience

Our African Safari experience is ideal for first-time solo safari travellers. If you’re looking to cross the Big Five off your bucket list, a trip to Tsavo is the perfect sanctuary to explore and discover.  

Guests can expect wild encounters with lions, leopards, buffalo, hartebeest, zebra, giraffe, bushbuck, crocodiles, hippos, and so much more. And, of course, an African safari experience would not be complete without the bewildering sight of Kenya’s famous Red Elephant. Our guests get to see these gentle giants bathing in beautiful red dust while herding their young across incredible landscapes. 

Tsavo is renowned for its great biodiversity. As such, it offers explorers a chance to discover unique wonders such as rare Cloud Forests and Shetani Lava formations. Our guided walks through the Chyulu Rainforest are also an absolute must for hiking enthusiasts. Besides these, you can ask your hosts about scheduling a visit to the Maasai homestead for an authentic cultural experience. Our local community of Maasai and Maasai warriors are waiting to share tales of tradition and history with you.

After an adventurous day, return to the comfort of your luxury suite. Here you can unwind before joining us for sundowners around the boma or a gastronomic feast under the starlit African sky. 

A young elephant standing in the African bush.

Family Safari Experience – Pay 3 Stay 4

We have tailored our Family Safari experience to accommodate families seeking an extraordinary escape to Kenya. Within the serene confines of our luxury safari tented camp, you will discover a wide range of family-friendly activities. 

Finch Hattons invites children over the age of 6 to sign up for the Young Explorers Club, where young adventurers embark on thrilling escapades with our Maasai Warriors. During this time, our younger guests will learn basic survival skills, fostering a deeper appreciation for the wild. At Finch Hattons, we recognise that the young explorers in our care are the future custodians of our planet. For this reason, we are dedicated to nurturing their passion for conservation and exploration. 

Our luxury tented camp also features two spacious family suites. Each is adorned with two bedrooms and a shared lounge area, allowing ample room for relaxation and bonding. In addition, we have thoughtfully equipped one of our suites to accommodate disabled guests, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for all.

Contact our reservations team to enquire about an unforgettable Family Safari Adventure. We are currently offering a Pay 3, Stay 4 promotion. This includes accommodation, meals, scheduled activities, use of our award-winning Chyulu spa, as well as an exclusive vehicle for scheduled guided game drives.  

When staying at our boutique camp, experience the local way of life with guided Maasai tours as part of your luxury safari expeirnece.

The Ultimate Luxury Safari Experience

Our team of experienced hosts is certainly no stranger to accommodating VIP guests at Finch Hattons. In fact, we are accustomed to welcoming celebrities, dignitaries, and influential individuals seeking exclusivity and a five-star experience that exceeds expectations. 

To this end, our Presidential Suite offers 200 square meters of tastefully decorated space. It features an inviting master bedroom, a cosy lounge, a private dining area, a refreshing plunge pool, and an expansive deck for relaxation. VIP guests also enjoy exclusive access to a separate entrance for a bodyguard or nanny room and a private game drive vehicle and guide.

Furthermore, a private butler will care for your every need during your stay. When it comes to luxury accommodations, the Finch Hattons Suite at our luxury tented camp is undoubtedly the most superior experience.

A couple relaxing while enjoying a hot beverage on their luxury safari couple's getaway.

The Couples Getaway Luxury Safari Experience

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or a getaway for two, Finch Hattons offers the perfect setting for an unforgettable romantic rendezvous.

Your intimate escape promises endless possibilities, allowing you to customise each moment to your heart’s desire. For example, you can bask in the golden rays of the African sun as you share blissful moments together, lounging by our serene infinity pool and sipping on handcrafted cocktails. Or indulge in the romance of a sumptuous 3-course breakfast served on our enchanting dinner deck. Here panoramic vistas of the water hole provide a mesmerising backdrop, alive with the playful antics of resident hippos.

On the other hand, for those eager to delve into the rich tapestry of local culture, embark on a journey to the Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary or lose yourselves in the enchanting beauty of Mzima Springs. Alternatively, take each other’s hand and venture into the captivating allure of the Chyulu Hills on a romantic hike, setting the stage for unforgettable memories.

We spare no moment crafting the perfect romantic getaway, where day and night game drives offer glimpses into the park’s vibrant ecosystem. And for those seeking a more intimate exploration, consider a leisurely bush walk or a thrilling crater climb hand in hand. From dusk to dawn, Finch Hattons provides a new and exciting chapter to your love story.

A couple being serenaded by a local guide as part of their African-Style Romantic Getwaway at Finch Hattons.

A Corporate Retreat In Kenya

Spoil your hardworking team in an unforgettable Corporate Retreat adventure. Here, the bush becomes your boardroom, and innovation thrives amidst nature’s grandeur.

Nestled within the untamed wilderness of Tsavo, our luxury tented camp provides the perfect space for productive meetings and team-building exercises. With a focus on accommodating various budgets and strategies, Finch Hattons presents a bespoke experience tailored to your corporate needs.

Escape the monotony of the office and ignite inspiration amidst the captivating landscapes of Africa. Engage in strategic discussions, brainstorming sessions, and team-building activities. All the while soaking in the breathtaking views and invigorating atmosphere.

After a day of productive work, unwind with leisure activities such as game drives, bush walks, or simply relaxing by the pool. Our dedicated team ensures seamless execution. This allows you to focus on strengthening bonds, fostering innovation, and achieving your corporate goals in an extraordinary environment.

Some ladies having fun while enjoying a camp fire during their luxury safari at FInch Hattons

Milestone Celebrations: Exclusive Use

Hospitality is in our blood with three decades of experience under our wing. Finch Hattons caters for all milestone celebrations including birthdays, anniversaries, wedding engagements and family reunions. 

Indulge in the luxury of our lodge with loved ones to celebrate amidst the splendour of the Kenyan wilderness. Savour a seven-course safari feast meticulously curated to tantalise your taste buds and delight your senses. The vibrant flavours and cultures of the Maasai Mara inspire each dish, while chefs craft them from only the finest ingredients. As such, your culinary journey will be nothing short of extraordinary.

Take advantage of our exclusive opportunity to reserve the entire camp for your special day. Our dedicated staff will ensure complete privacy and personalised attention. Whether you host an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, our team will work tirelessly to create enduring memories that you and your guests will cherish for years.

Opulent, antique decor in a rustic bush setting.

Why Choose a Luxury Safari Experience at Finch Hattons

  1. Unparalleled Luxury: Finch Hattons offers a 5-star luxury experience at our award-winning luxury tented camp. Our tented suites have evolved into the most luxurious sanctuaries in the wild. This includes our Chyulu Spa, which provides the ultimate wellness in the wild. 
  1. Exclusivity and Privacy: Our luxury tented camp is a breakaway from the stresses of life. It offers a sanctuary of serenity and connectedness to the African wild. Furthermore, our luxury tented suites are strategically positioned and crafted with careful consideration for the environment and the privacy of our guests. 
  2. Tailored Hospitality: From the instant of your arrival, our attentive team stands ready to anticipate and fulfil your every need. Their goal? To craft a safari experience seamlessly tailored to your unique preferences.

Plan Your Unforgettable Luxury Getaway Today

Are you ready to experience the world of Finch Hattons? Make an enquiry with our reservations team and discover why we are one of the most special luxury boutique camp safari destinations. Are you interested in celebrating a special moment, bonding with a loved one, or seeking a break from the chaos of daily life? Finch Hattons guarantees an unforgettable safari escape that will leave you longing for more.

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Discover 6 Spectacular Luxury Safari Experiences In Kenya

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