Conservation and Community

At Finch Hattons, we strongly believe in being responsible stewards of the magical place we are lucky enough to call home. We have taken great care in ensuring minimal impact on our surrounding ecosystem, all the while providing the epitome of a luxury safari experience.


Each of our unique tents is specifically designed and built with several things in mind; minimize our visual intrusion in to the landscape, maximizing privacy while giving each tent its own unique view and feel, to bring as much of the outside in as possible, the sights and sounds and smells which make it a truly singular experience. We believe we have achieved this, but more importantly we have achieved this without impacting the ecology of this pristine place.

We have made it a defining point to utilize sustainable materials and practices at every opportunity, without losing the elegance we wish you to enjoy.


All of our water in the camp comes directly from the spring, drawn directly from its source, hidden amongst lava rocks in the shade of a grove of small palm trees and acacias. We cherish this beautiful, clear water, and the vitality it brings to this often unforgiving landscape. This water has tested to be of the highest quality, and we purify and bottle it at camp. We believe, you will agree, it is superb.

In our efforts to ensure that our tents have as little impact as possible, we have installed an integrated waste water system. All waste water from the tents passes through a bio-digesting filtration system, which uses natural organic processes to break down waste, in the same way nature does, but in a fraction of the time.

We have also equipped each tent with highly efficient vacuum tube type, solar hot water heaters, taking full advantage of our fierce Tsavo sun. The efficiency of these systems is not affected by a cloudy day either, and will provide you with enough hot water for evening and morning showers.


As we closely border the Maasai Kuku group ranches we strongly believe in partnering closely in conserving the larger surrounding ecosystem. We hope to encourage local development in line with strong emphasis on maintaining the cultural ties to the land, to find synergetic means of profitability and ecological conservation. We employ both local Maasai and Kamba peoples, in key roles in camp management and as safari guides, providing continuing education in the process. We plan to work in conjunction with the local community to promote grass roots conservation projects which engage the community to long term ecological and cultural stability, and ultimately profitability.


Though Finch Hatton’s is located within the national park, we are located in close proximity to the Masai community, and the Masai community ranches. The Masai, maintain a largely pastoralist lifestyle, in the way they have for generations. It is our ambition to maintain solid relations with the community, while minimizing human wildlife conflict in the area, and furthermore encouraging and educating the community to become avid conservationists and environmentalists, who can join us in stewardship of this incredible piece of Kenya.

Finch Hatton’s has played a major role in providing cellular connectivity to the nearby village of Il Tilal, which has had a profound effect for the people of the area. Not only in encouraging the growth of the town, but in providing access to a wealth of information, now available digitally. This will provide help in subsequent education and awareness projects within the community.

It is our hope to work alongside the Maasai community, the MWCT (Maasai Wilderness Community Trust) , and Kenya Wildlife Service to improve the standard of living, to support projects that are both beneficial to the community and to the environment we occupy, and to encourage and promote conservation and a variety conservation projects. Our end goal is in preserving the pristine wilderness, allowing the Maasai to preserve their culture, and assisting them with the knowledge and tools to become the protectors of both.

It is a bold and long term plan, but we believe that nothing worth doing is ever easy. A testament we have carried out for over twenty years.

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