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Escape to the enchanting Finch Hattons and discover a world of unparalleled luxury and adventure. From our award-winning accommodations to our expert guides and exceptional dining experiences, every aspect of your stay has been designed to provide you with the ultimate African safari experience.

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FAQs About Visiting Finch Hattons

FAQs About Visiting Finch Hattons

Get answers to your questions about visiting Finch Hattons with this helpful guide to what you need to know before your trip to this luxurious safari camp in Kenya.

Always Welcome at our African Safari

Always Welcome at our African Safari

Finch Hattons is a five-star luxury African safari experience that shines among the rest due to its ‘Always yours, always welcome’ ethos.

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Be the first to know about exciting wildlife sightings, exclusive camp happenings, specials and much more that will transport you to the heart of the African wilderness and beyond.

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