An African Safari Like No Other

Making it to the top of many bucket lists is an African Safari. The word “Safari” means “Journey” in Swahili, and it is a journey! Nowhere else on earth offers incredible wildlife in diverse and expansive wilderness settings.

Origins of The African Safari

Long before Robert Redford mesmerised a generation of women and men alike with his dashing portrayal of Denys Finch Hatton in Out of Africa, the idea of an African Safari had already captured the hearts & imaginations of many that came before. However, this romanticised version of the Safari was far from its origins. 

Safaris were, in essence, a hunting trip reserved for the wealthy looking to conquer new frontiers, with the grand prize being the “Big 5”; Elephant, Rhino, Lion, Leopard and Buffalo. These trophies were displayed proudly to peers whilst recounting harrowing experiences of being charged by bull elephants, narrowly escaping death and living through it all, trophy in hand to tell the story.

Even before hunting was officially banned in Kenya, there had been a shift towards preserving Kenya’s beautiful wildlife – shooting creatures with cameras rather than hunting rifles- a legacy pioneered by the real Denys Finch Hatton.

Kenya – The Birthplace of the African Safari

A safari is more than watching amazing creatures in their natural habitats.

The ferocious storm clouds and the smell of rain are gathering and taking refuge under an acacia tree in the afternoon heat. It’s the sights, sounds, peace and noise. Nowhere on Earth will you enjoy more diversity or options for a safari than in Kenya- the birthplace of the African Safari.

Here, our namesake, Denys Finch Hatton, pioneered the tradition of creating Luxury Safari experiences in the wild, insisting that even the most challenging journey be accompanied by Mozart, crystal glassware, fine bone china and starched laundry. It is a legacy we are proud to continue.

The Greatest Show On Earth

The Main Act

African Safaris are a journey, not a destination. Vast green African savannahs, red ball sunsets on the horizon with silhouettes of elegant giraffes moving in slow motion, a dazzle of Zebras grazing on open plains, and elephant herds making their way to watering holes. 

Chirping birds, laughing hyenas and warthog snorts come together to create the Savannah Symphony, each animal with a distinct note and pitch, each with a part to play in the safari soundtrack.

Spectators watch cameras in hand from open safari vehicles, taking in the wonder of their surroundings in awe. Ever ready for the moment a lion begins to stalk its prey or the sighting of an elusive leopard perched on a tree with its kill. It is not just the wildlife that touches the Soul; it is the landscapes, the freedom, and the connection to nature. Each day is different; each sighting is memorable, and each game drives better than the last.

The Supporting Cast & Crew

If the wildlife is the main act, the supporting cast & crew are no less worthy, playing their parts to luxurious perfection.

Finch Hattons offers the ultimate Luxury African Safari Experience. Tented Suites with crystal chandeliers and free-flowing Gin & Tonics to celebrate another successful day of sightings. A dip in the pool to stave off the afternoon heat and candlelit meals paired with full-bodied wines under a blanket of clear and starry African skies – are all part and parcel of the best safari experience on offer.

Awaken to watch the dawn whilst perfecting your downward dog pose on a yoga deck, hike up a dormant volcano to witness the expansive wilderness at your feet, and end it off by enjoying a massage at the award-winning Chyulu Spa to ward off the aches of a bumpy day’s drive.

The Perfect African Safari

With so many exciting safari options, we can curate the ultimate African Safari experience for you.

Using Finch Hattons as a base, combine two of Kenya’s best Camps, Finch Hattons & Sir Richard Branson’s Mahali Mzuri, for the ultimate Out of Africa experience. Alternatively, retreat to the plains of Laikipia to experience the wonder of Segera or hop on a flight to dip your toes in the Indian Ocean & Kenya’s sunkissed, white sandy beaches.

Kenya has it all! Follow and share your experience on social media.  

An African Safari Like No Other

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