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Activities & Experiences

Solo African Safari

Whether your clients seek reflection or adventure, our Tsavo provides the perfect setting for an exquisite African safari experience. Our personalised approach and flair for hospitality offers solo travelers the opportunity to connect with our kingdom of untamed wilderness from the privacy and comfort of our luxury tented camp.

Family Safari

Our family invites yours to experience the natural wonder that is Tsavo. Witness the splendour of Africa’s Big 5 thriving in the untouched wild, an abundance of bird species and the greatest biodiversity on earth. Our luxury Family Suites cater to children of all ages with educational activities designed to curb the curious minds of young explorers

Milestone Celebrations

For a truly extraordinary and unforgettable milestone celebration, our luxury tented camp offers exclusive use for honeymooners, weddings, anniversaries and special occasions. A truly remarkable event tailored to your client’s needs, with multiple dining areas, exclusive hosting options, and gastronomical culinary experiences.

Luxury Safari

Our Presidential Suite is the very definition of luxury. Secluded from the rest of the camp for optimal privacy, the Finch Hattons Suite includes a private butler, chef and separate bodyguard room for our VIP guests.

Our luxury safari has been curated with the elite in mind, with tailor-made excursions, private game drives, bush walks and a private helipad near our Chyulu Spa and Wellness Centre.

Corporate Retreat

Our luxury tented camp offers everything your clients need for a productive corporate retreat, from reliable Wi-Fi to multiple private meeting areas for strategy and team-building sessions. They can also connect with colleagues in the beauty of nature with guided game drives, hikes up the Chyulu Hills, Massai team-building games, poolside dinners, and more.

Couples Getaway

Your clients can rekindle the romantic flame in an oasis of untouched wilderness and seclusion. Our luxury tented suites and camp amenities set the mood for an intimate escape into Africa.

Star-lit private dinners, champagne and unrivaled Kenyan hospitality are just a few things that couples can expect from our Couple’s Getaway.

Weddings & Honeymoons

Experience the magic of an African safari wedding or honeymoon at Finch Hattons. Your clients will be surrounded by the vast Tsavo plains while affirming their love underneath the exquisite tapestry of African skies.

Celebrate delicious culinary delights and thrilling wildlife encounters with guests as our hospitality team takes care of their every need.

Wellness Experience

Our award-winning Chyulu Spa offers soul seekers a tranquil sanctuary to relax, unwind and recharge. Our Wellness Retreat offers advanced yoga classes, peaceful walks, and the serenity of our breathtaking Chyulu Hills.

Take a moment and embrace the simple pleasures waiting for you at our luxury tented camp.

Discover Our Specials

Our Specials

Discover the finest African safari experience at Finch Hattons luxury tented camp, with exclusive specials tailored to meet your needs. From exhilarating wildlife encounters to cultural experiences and stunning natural surroundings, our specials offer something for everyone.

Contact us today to book your bespoke adventure at Finch Hattons and take advantage of our exclusive deals.

Guest Reviews

Anabelle Sequeira
Anabelle Sequeira
May 20, 2024.
Excellent service 👏.
john degrasse
john degrasse
May 13, 2024.
Outstanding safari lodge and staff. Delightful stay.
R Ran
R Ran
February 16, 2024.
We didn't actually stay here but ended up having to go for a few hours as our car broke down, and we needed some help. Everyone was super amazing. They were so helpful and really kind when quite frankly, they didn't need to be as we weren't their customers. We ended up staying for lunch, which is again not normal as it's normally an included meal in their guests' rates. But on this occasion, they did make an exception. In general, the facilities looked really lovely, exclusive and luxurious. But more than that, the staff and their treatment to others were exceptional.
December 17, 2023.
Excellent place to be
Juzer Khanbhai
Juzer Khanbhai
December 11, 2023.
it was amazing stay food was a little disappointing compared to price paid information was given also as checking in regarding what activities were offered julius our host waiter was amazing
Oliver Bielenstein
Oliver Bielenstein
November 29, 2023.
Four days, marvelous, everything is beautiful, but best is the staff. Friendly, active, attentive, professional. Will be back !

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A picture is worth a thousand words. Browse through our gallery of images and video for a glimpse into our camp, our luxury tented suites as well as our wildlife and activities.

Our Videos

Kenya Wildlife Service

The Kenya Wildlife Service is dedicated to the preservation and oversight of Kenya's rich wildlife, serving both the people of Kenya and the global community. This commitment is exemplified by their enduring and prosperous 30-year partnership with Finch Hattons within Tsavo National Park.

The Kenya Wildlife Service undertakes the conservation and management of wildlife resources across all protected area systems in collaboration with its stakeholders. Their vision is to conserve Kenya’s wildlife and its habitats for posterity. Our Director Leena Gehlot is an Honorary Park Warden for Tsavo National Park.

Save Giraffes Now

Finch Hattons proudly partners with Save Giraffes Now, a vital force in safeguarding the endangered Maasai giraffe. This collaboration focuses on gathering crucial data, illuminating giraffe populations and movements for enhanced protection.

Our alliance with Save Giraffes Now reflects Finch Hattons' dedication to sustainable tourism and environmental stewardship. Together, we're driving awareness about biodiversity conservation and the significance of the Maasai giraffe's role in the African savannah. This partnership underscores the power of collective action in preserving nature's wonders and ensuring the Maasai giraffe's enduring presence on our planet.

Africa Yoga Project

Our Yoga instructors are graduates from the renowned Africa Yoga Project Program which not only educates, but empowers individuals from underprivileged communities through the transformative practice of Yoga. We are proud to support a wellness and leadership partner such as Africa Yoga Project in a national bid to create equal employment opportunities for the citizens of Kenya.

The course is a 200-hour Yoga-Alliance Certified Teacher Training that certifies holders to teach a 1-hour yoga class based on the Bapiste Methodology.

Amara Conservation

Amara, driven by a profound commitment to nature's preservation, employs the powerful tools of conservation education and unwavering awareness to actively safeguard wildlife and their habitats while honouring Kenya's cultural traditions in the untamed wilderness.

For over 20 years, Amara has cultivated deep connections with the communities bordering Tsavo's vast domain. Through captivating films, enlightening workshops, and engaging lectures, they have ignited a resounding call for sustainable harmony between locals and the invaluable treasure that is Tsavo. Amara's presence shines as a beacon, nurturing a collective ethos that transcends borders, fostering an indomitable spirit of environmental stewardship.

Tsavo Trust

Nestled within the captivating embrace of the Tsavo Conservation Area (TCA), Tsavo Trust emerges as a dynamic force, propelled by a resolute dedication to securing a future teeming with life and vitality for both the majestic wildlife and the resilient people of Tsavo.

From its headquarters in the Kamungi Conservancy, Tsavo Trust comprises a team of seasoned professionals immersed in the realm of conservation and wildlife management. The team is committed to forging collaborative partnerships by uniting governmental, nongovernmental, community, and private stakeholders, harmonizing their efforts and aspirations to weave a shared vision for a sustainable future, where the wonders of Tsavo thrive in perpetuity.

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