How To Start Planning Your African Safari with Family

If you are considering an African safari with family members this year, then you are in for a remarkable and unforgettable experience as Finch Hattons celebrates its 30th anniversary. We have carefully crafted our top safari trip guidelines that can make your family vacation even more exceptional as you gear up for this exciting adventure into the heart of Africa.

Planning a family safari can be daunting; Where do I go? What do I pack? What activities are there for the children? With our extensive experience in welcoming countless guests into the Finch Hattons family, we are here to offer our expert guidance to help you confidently and enthusiastically plan your next or first family safari in Africa.


Planning an African safari vacation with the kids is a thrilling and unforgettable experience, so choosing the right time of year is essential. A good starting point would be looking at school holiday schedules and planning your family vacation. April and May are great times to start enquiring about our Family Safari Experiences for Summer break periods between June and October.

The months of July through October are genuinely spectacular in Kenya, with the greatest wildebeest migration taking place in the magnificent Mara. During this period, millions of wildebeest, zebras, and gazelles travel from Tanzania’s Serengeti to Kenya’s Masai Mara in search of greener pastures. This is the perfect time to plan a Tsavo safari as an addition to an extended family vacation for the full authentic African safari experience.

While Finch Hattons and Tsavo are prime tourist destinations all year round, the dry season during these months makes for excellent wildlife viewing and stunning sunsets. Alternatively, if your family is keen on experiencing vibrant birdlife, the wet season from November to May is ideal. During this time, migratory birds flock to East Africa, displaying a spectacle of stunning colours and melodies. Moreover, the lush greenery and blooming flora make for breathtaking scenery.

While these months provide exceptional experiences, planning a family safari vacation during the low season (March to May and November to December) can offer excellent rates and a more intimate safari experience.

No matter what time of year you choose to go on an African family safari, our reservations team is ready to help you plan a tailor-made family safari to ensure a memorable experience for all.


The treasures of Tsavo offer boundless beauty and wild encounters for families seeking a once-in-a-lifetime safari adventure. To ensure the very best experience that our camp has to offer, it is important to prepare well in advance.

Visa requirements may differ for UK, US and European adults and children over the age of 6. This is why it is advisable to research and obtain the appropriate visa well in advance. Speak to your travel agent about the necessary travel documents you will require for a seamless journey.

For some travellers in certain countries, a yellow fever vaccination is required. If you are travelling with elderly family members or children with chronic conditions, remember to pack your essential medicines before you leave. During your planning, it’s best to consult with your local medical professional and the travel agent before embarking on your journey to Finch Hattons.

While exploring Africa’s vast and diverse terrain, you may also encounter a range of climates. It’s not uncommon to experience all four seasons in one day, so pack appropriately. From light layers to rain gear, it’s always better to be prepared for any weather condition.


Preparing for an African family safari trip to Finch Hattons requires thoughtful packing. The vast open landscapes and scorching African sun make packing appropriate clothing and accessories essential.

Loose-fitting and breathable garments, along with wide-brimmed hats or peak caps, are ideal for keeping cool during the day and providing shade and protection from the sun’s UV rays. In addition, remember to pack a high-SPF sunscreen for family members and children with fair skin to apply regularly during your magnificent guided family game drives.

It is crucial to bring comfortable walking shoes for walking and hiking expeditions through the magnificent Chyulu Hills and wondrous Cloud Forest. We have equiped our luxury tented suites with eco-friendly insect spray, which may come in handy during evening excursions.

A family safari trip can also provide ample opportunities for children to explore and learn about nature and conservation. Packing binoculars can add to the excitement and allow for close-up views of the wildlife. For children who enjoy reading or listening to stories, consider bringing some audiobooks and electronic devices to keep them entertained during downtime.


For The Kids

At Finch Hattons, ensuring that the little ones are cared for and thoroughly enjoy their family safari is a breeze. We are proud to be one of the few camps in Kenya to offer two family suites specially designed to be charming and family-friendly. Each suite is connected by a communal lounge, with plenty of space to simply sit back and admire the beauty of nature. These suites are therefore perfect for larger families, making sure that everyone, regardless of age or lifestyle, has an amazing and memorable experience.

Luxury tented camp offers beautiful African sunsets from elevated decks which you cn enjou as part of an African Safari with Family
Luxury tented camp offers beautiful african sunsets from elevated decks

Furthermore, we tailor our morning and evening guided game drives for adventure, where you and your beloved family can discover the magnificence of Tsavo’s biodiversity – the greatest in the world. Our Young Explorer’s Club provides endless entertainment for kids, such as cooking classes, crater climbs, bow and arrow-making classes and educational Chyulu walks with our expert Masaai guides. Finch Hattons also offers bush survival classes for future conservationists keen to learn about Tsavo’s incredible geology, ecosystems, and history.

For The Parents

Parents looking for a quick break from the exhilarating roster of activities are welcome to treat themselves to a rejuvenating spa treatment at our acclaimed Chyulu spa. Then, while the little ones are tucked away at night, mom and dad can enjoy a romantic dinner while gazing into the star-lit African night sky.

As dusk descends and the cool evening breeze sets in, you can nestle up at our boma for an enchanting outdoor movie experience accompanied by a warm cup of chocolate. But, whatever your preference, an African safari with family at Finch Hattons will linger long after you leave.

If you’ve got an avid birdwatcher in your family, bring along your field guide or app, or simply consult our knowledgeable guides about our staggering variety of over 500 bird species that reside in Tsavo. The starlings, hornbills, and pied kingfishers stand out as just a few of the numerous avian delights to relish.

For The Entire Family

The quintessential reason for planning an African safari vacation is undoubtedly to marvel at the incredible wildlife. At Finch Hattons and Tsavo National Park, family members are guaranteed an up close and personal encounter with the diverse display of Africa’s Big 5 roaming the land, many of which can be observed right from the comfort of your lavish tented suite.

Poeple on an African safari with family looking at an elephant during an Elephant safari in Tsavo National Park
Elephant safari in tsavo national park

Our family game drives allow family members to connect with the great outdoors as they witness the striking zebras, hartebeest, giraffes, and buffalos. What is more, Tsavo National Park is home to the largest population of red elephants, with over 12 000 majestically wandering our plains daily. With a bit of patience and attentiveness, family travellers will be rewarded with the mesmerising sight of the regal lions, their kin, the leopards, and the numerous bucks and deer that inhabit the great African savanna.


What is the Finch Hattons child policy?

Finch Hattons welcomes children aged six years and older.

What are your rates for children?

Children between 6 – 12 years pay 50% of the adult rate when sharing with two adults. Children aged 12 and above pay the full room rate.

What activities do you provide for children?

Your child may join the Young Explorer’s Club, which offers activities such as bush survival skills, bow and arrow making, guided safari walks and cooking classes with our amazing Chefs.

How many guests does your family tented suite accommodate?

Our two-bedroom family suites accommodate up to 4 guests.

What family activities do you offer at the camp?

Morning and afternoon game drives, guided bush walks, bush breakfasts, sundowners, bird watching, and award-winning Chyulu Spa. We also have full-day excursions to Amboseli and Mzima Springs, including Chaimu Crater, Roaring Rocks and Shetani Lava.

Do you have trained medical professionals at the camp?

Our staff can administer first aid until professional medics arrive. AMREF is a flying doctors organisation based in Nairobi providing air evacuation services in medical emergencies across East Africa, offering 24-hour medical assistance.

For more information about planning your African safari with family, visit our Family Safari Experience page or contact our team to start planning the adventure of a lifetime. Visit our social media pages to witness some of the many wonders our luxury tented camp has to offer.

How To Start Planning Your African Safari with Family

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