Explore the Beauty of Tsavo National Park in Style

Where comfort and the unrivalled magnificence of Tsavo National Park collide to create an unforgettable African safari experience

Tsavo National Park is Kenya’s largest and oldest wildlife reserve, home to the majestic Tsavo East and Tsavo West National Parks. Spanning over 22,000 square kilometres with the magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro towering silently in the distance, Tsavo is larger than several European countries and six times the size of the Maasai Mara.

Tsavo National Park has seen and survived both of the major World Wars, leaving behind some of the most beautiful battle scars in the form of heritage sites and monuments. Tales from the primal prehistoric and evolving modern worlds intertwine, etched in our history books, adding another dimension to this incredibly precious corner of Kenya.

Beyond the boundless open space, rich history and unrivaled biodiversity lies millions of acres of unadulterated African Wilderness. A place where the preservation of wildlife, culture, community and history are celebrated in its purest, most authentic form. These mysteries are yours to discover, as the natural beauty of Tsavo National Park envelops and leaves you with a permanent imprint on the soul.

Welcome to our Tsavo, where unforgettable memories await.

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Unrivalled Beauty

Our Wildlife & Birdlife

Step into the wild and experience the vastness of Tsavo National Park, where the largest population of striking red elephants in East Africa gracefully wander the plains. These majestic creatures share their habitat with abundant wildlife including antelope, hippos, giraffes, and zebras. Sightings of our regal lions, the elusive leopard, wild dogs, and formidable buffaloes are part of your ultimate safari adventure.

The park’s birdlife is both captivating and alluring with over 500 bird species, ranging from the dazzling Lilac Breasted Roller and the regal Eurasian Roller to the mighty Martial Eagles and Golden Weavers - a true twitcher’s paradise.

Our Landscapes & Biodiversity

Traverse through the rainforests and semi-arid scrublands, and marvel at the ancient Jurassic-age granite monoliths and volcanic lava fields. Each exploration offers a glimpse into the storied past, from the cloud forest of the Chyulu Hills to the expansive cliffs of the Yatta plateau.

Endless opportunities for adventure and historical storytelling within the park's ancient caves present itself to the intrepid traveller seeking a wealth of knowledge that one visit to Tsavo National Park is impossible to unfold.

Our Unique Ecosystem

Tsavo National Park’s enchantment and wonder go beyond its breathtaking landscapes. It exudes an elusive quality that decades of guests have struggled to put into words. This haven of natural beauty is imbued with a particular kind of romanticism that is hard to resist, transporting you back to a primordial time when the world was still at its youngest.

Tsavo's mystical ambience lingers long after you leave, staying with you like a cherished memory, beckoning you to return. Create unforgettable moments in one of the most extraordinary places on Earth.

Empowering Locals

Community Engagement & Ecological Conservation

Working together with local tribes to protect the environment and its wildlife

In recognition of the rich heritage and cultural diversity of Tsavo National Park, Finch Hattons has made it a mission to recruit and retain the talented Maasai and Kamba individuals to assume key roles at the camp, fostering a sense of kinship and solidarity among the 15 different tribes represented.

Drawing inspiration from the indigenous communities’ deep reverence for the land and wildlife, the camp has forged enduring relationships with the Maasai to the west, the Kamba to the east, and the Taita to the south. We believe in the transformative power of grassroots conservation initiatives that integrate economic development and wilderness preservation, empowering our communities to thrive while protecting the precious ecosystems we all call home.

We are proud to inspire a new generation of environmentalists and conservationists who share our commitment to preserving Kenya’s natural treasures for future generations.

Guest Reviews

Mr Mul
Mr Mul
September 6, 2023.
You will be having monkeys in your garden and hippo’s and croco’s in the pond. Luxurious and Exclusive. Nice place if you ready for some elegance and etiquette.
Din Meyy
Din Meyy
July 28, 2023.
Yann Metz
Yann Metz
July 9, 2023.
Amazing place, very private and hidden. Fantastic food and service. Many animals nearby.
May 26, 2023.
ale maleko
ale maleko
March 31, 2023.
William , Jonathan and team... Good job.
carl chaffee
carl chaffee
January 10, 2023.

Silver Screen Moments

Tsavo National Park through Film and Documentary

The perfect canvas for filmmakers and travel photographers

Lights, camera, Tsavo! Tsavo National Park is a natural and national wonder, a vast and unique wilderness that has become a dream canvas for filmmakers and travel photographers alike. From the wide-open plains to the stunning flora-rich landscapes, Tsavo offers an endless landscape of stunning backdrops for capturing cinematic moments.

The park’s incredible scenery, including indescribable sunsets and sunrises, and the towering peaks of Kilimanjaro’s Kibo and Mawenzi, which are only visible from Tsavo, make it an irresistible destination for visual artists. The former US President, Barack Obama, describes Tsavo as one of the most beautiful places on earth.

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