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Experience the greatest biodiversity in the comfort of our luxury tented camp

The undulating Chyulu Hills in the northeast and towering presence of Mount Kilimanjaro in the west envelops our top-end safari camp with a sense of serenity and seclusion. Home to the greatest biodiversity in the world, our camp combines the comfort of understated luxury with the natural wonders of the African wild, providing each discerning traveler with an unforgettable safari experience. Your time at our luxury tented camp will be nothing short of extraordinary as you discover Tsavo’s treasured wildlife and landscapes.

Come and experience the authenticity of our camp and hospitality, where every moment is a journey of discovery.

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Award-Winning Oasis

The Denys Finch Hatton’s Story

In honour of our history and heritage, our camp pays tribute to the famed hunter and guide, Denys Finch Hattons, whose penchant for extravagance pioneered the term “luxury safari” in Kenya in the early 1900’s.

As the son of an Earl, Denys was no stranger to the fineries of aristocratic living and believed that his guests should enjoy the same level of luxury comfort whilst touring on safari. Guests from around the world became accustomed to Denys’ hospitality after a hard day’s safari, enjoying an endless sea of champagne and fine wines, exquisite dining experiences, lavish tented suites and the eponymous musical stylings of Mozart in the bush.

In his later years, Denys Finch Hattons turned his focus to conservation playing a pivotal role in the formation of over 50 National Parks in East Africa including the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania.

Inspired by Legacy and Luxury

Honouring the past while embracing the future of top-end safari tourism

When our camp was established in 1993, The Gehlot family and renowned hotelier, Peter Frank, looked to emulate the glamour and hospitable ambience associated with the early 1920’s. Inspired by Denys Finch Hattons’ penchant for luxury, our camp spared no expense at reimagining the romance, the mystery and the adventure of a historical luxury safari experience.

Our wonderful team of people and our celebrated attention to detail forms the foundation that truly captures the grandeur of Denys Finch Hattons’ glory days. From exquisite fine dining experiences served on delicate china and traditional crystal champagne flutes, to the brass plated gramophones and telescopes located throughout the 17 luxuriously appointed tented suites, our top-end safari camp lives to exceed all expectations with outstanding service.

Our commitment to providing timeless safari experiences in the wild through Finch Hattons has been recognized with numerous awards, including the prestigious Best New Safari Camp award from Architectural Digest.

Immersive Experiences

Our Top-End Safari Camp

Savor our exceptional cuisine under a sea of stars prepared by our resident Chef Kennedy or indulge the senses with a rejuvenating spa treatment at our award-winning Chyulu Spa. Experience unparalleled luxury at our premium safari camp, inspired by the history and heritage of Denys Finch Hattons.

Luxury accomodation at a top-end safari camp

Our Luxury Tented Suites

Our top-end safari camp boasts 17 Out-of-Africa-inspired suites that will leave you breathless with their panoramic views and complete privacy.

Immerse yourself in the one-on-one encounter with Africa’s raw beauty while enjoying the cool breeze from the nearby natural springs in our open-plan tents, which bring with them the sounds and smells of the African bush.

Kenyan-inspired dining at a top-end safari camp

Our Gastronomic Feasts

Our team are dedicated to providing world-class culinary experiences and take pride in sourcing locally grown ingredients for our menus.

With a different dining setting every night, you can enjoy the ambience of a private evening under the stars on our star-gazing terrace, or dine surrounded by nature as hippos wallow in the nearby waters. Relax in our Karen Blixen lounge while sipping on cognac or transport yourself to a bygone era in our cigar lounge and other bar areas.

Chyulu Wellness Spa at a top-end safari camp

Wellness at Chyulu Spa

Our elevated yoga deck at our top-end safari camp’s wellness spa offers spectacular views of the Chyulu Hills, two outdoor air-conditioned massage pavilions, an infinity pool, a hammam, and a fitness centre offering advanced yoga therapy for the mind, body and soul. Our experienced treatment therapists are always on hand to make sure you leave feeling rejuvenated and revitalised.

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