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Finch Hattons has redefined the meaning of understated luxury since opening our doors in 1993, and continues to exceed expectations through experience and exceptional service. As an esteemed safari destination in Kenya, our people take great pride and pleasure at making each safari experience both personal, and unique – from the moment you arrive to the moment you return.

Your stay at Finch Hattons will be nothing short of extraordinary as we guide you through an intimate journey of culture and conservation, where the treasures of Tsavo and rich tapestry of our history and heritage intertwine with first-class facilities and the warmth of Kenyan hospitality.

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Untouched Majesty

Our Tsavo National Park

Tsavo West National Park boasts the greatest biodiversity in the world. With contrasting landscapes and vistas of varied terrain, our magnificent Tsavo impresses a variety of ecosystems and dramatic landscapes worthy of discovery including Africa’s only Shetani lava flow.

From the rare cloud forests of the Chyulu Hills and the cliffs of the Yatta plateau to the resident wildlife and birdlife that call it home, there is no greater connection to nature than the unparalleled beauty of Tsavo.

Our Top-End Safari Camp

Since our first major renovation in 2013, we have become globally recognised as one of Africa’s leading tented camps with the coveted Architecture Digest Award for Best New Safari Camp in 2015.

Our 17 tented suites and camp facilities embody the very definition of innovation and exclusivity, elevating the industry standard of luxury safari. Our Chyulu Spa is one of Kenya’s best, complete with a yoga deck, two treatment rooms, a fitness centre, an infinity spa pool as well as a Hammam.

Our Kenyan Dining

For the past 30 years, our culinary experiences have been revered as one of the best in Kenya offering guests a wide variety of unpretentious, authentic meals prepared by our phenomenal Kitchen Team, led by our exceptional chef Kennedy Maina.

Our reputation for providing the highest quality of food and beverage management in Kenya precedes us, using only the freshest, locally sourced ingredients to make our gastronomical feasts, with menu options that truly be catered to all dietary requirements and preferences.

Our Preservation Journey

Working together to protect the environment and its wildlife

Finch Hattons has prioritized sustainability and green initiatives as part of our ethos. From the materials we’ve used to build our camp to our wastewater management system, we pride ourselves on implementing sustainable innovations that contribute to the preservation of our surroundings.

Our commitment to eco-friendly best practices includes a zero-plastic policy as well as solar powered water heating systems and a 222 Kw PV solar park capable of generating electricity all year round. Our mission towards a greener camp extends to our organic room and spa facilities, the use of biodegradable cleaning products and the installation and maintenance of our organic herb and vegetable garden. Our drinking water comes straight from the pristine natural springs that surround our camp and is bottled on site using the Vivreau filtration system.

We’ve partnered with a number of non-profit organisations who share our passion for conserving the environment and protecting our wildlife, allowing us to achieve and maintain our personal sustainability goals.

Kenya Wildlife Service

The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) conserves and manages Kenya’s wildlife for the Kenyan people and the world, operating in the Tsavo National Park where Finch Hattons and KWS have had a successful partnership for 30 years.

KWS undertakes the conservation and management of wildlife resources across all protected areas systems in collaboration with its stakeholders.  Their vision is to conserve Kenya’s wildlife and its habitats for posterity. Our Director Leena Gehlot is an Honorary Park Warden for Tsavo National Park.

Save Giraffes Now

Finch Hattons proudly partners with Save Giraffes Now, a vital force in safeguarding the endangered Maasai giraffe. This collaboration focuses on gathering crucial data, illuminating giraffe populations and movements for enhanced protection.

Our alliance with Save Giraffes Now reflects Finch Hattons' dedication to sustainable tourism and environmental stewardship. Together, we're driving awareness about biodiversity conservation and the significance of the Maasai giraffe's role in the African savannah. This partnership underscores the power of collective action in preserving nature's wonders and ensuring the Maasai giraffe's enduring presence on our planet.

Africa Yoga Project

Our Yoga instructors are graduates from the renowned Africa Yoga Project Program which not only educates, but empowers individuals from underprivileged communities through the transformative practice of Yoga. We are proud to support a wellness and leadership partner such as Africa Yoga Project in a national bid to create equal employment opportunities for the citizens of Kenya.

The course is a 200-hour Yoga-Alliance Certified Teacher Training that certifies holders to teach a 1-hour yoga class based on the Bapiste Methodology.

Amara Conservation

Amara, driven by a profound commitment to nature's preservation, employs the powerful tools of conservation education and unwavering awareness to actively safeguard wildlife and their habitats while honouring Kenya's cultural traditions in the untamed wilderness.

For over 20 years, Amara has cultivated deep connections with the communities bordering Tsavo's vast domain. Through captivating films, enlightening workshops, and engaging lectures, they have ignited a resounding call for sustainable harmony between locals and the invaluable treasure that is Tsavo. Amara's presence shines as a beacon, nurturing a collective ethos that transcends borders, fostering an indomitable spirit of environmental stewardship.

Tsavo Trust

Nestled within the captivating embrace of the Tsavo Conservation Area (TCA), Tsavo Trust emerges as a dynamic force, propelled by a resolute dedication to securing a future teeming with life and vitality for both the majestic wildlife and the resilient people of Tsavo.

From its headquarters in the Kamungi Conservancy, Tsavo Trust comprises a team of seasoned professionals immersed in the realm of conservation and wildlife management. The team is committed to forging collaborative partnerships by uniting governmental, nongovernmental, community, and private stakeholders, harmonizing their efforts and aspirations to weave a shared vision for a sustainable future, where the wonders of Tsavo thrive in perpetuity.

Celebrating Our People

The Finch Family

From our family to yours

With their intimate knowledge of Tsavo and Finch Hattons, our hospitality team are well versed at sharing the beautiful characteristics of our place with our guests, making their stay exceptional in every way. Many of our team members have been with us for over 20 years, and some since inception.

We consider this a true testament to our passionate leadership team who are driven by innovation, constantly striving to make an impact in the hospitality industry.

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