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Finch Hattons

Welcome to Finch Hattons

A luxury tented camp in the Heart of Tsavo West National Park, Kenya

Finch Hattons is an award-winning tented camp offering guests the ultimate safari experience in Kenya. Renowned for our personalized Kenyan hospitality and unwavering commitment to wildlife conservation and culture, our luxury tented camp promises an unforgettable journey into the heart of Africa, where every detail is designed to recreate the luxurious and exclusive atmosphere of our rich history and heritage.

Finch Hattons. Always yours. Always welcome.

30 Years of Timeless Safari

Your Place, Your People, Your Kenya

Since 1993, we’ve welcomed guests from around the world to experience the timeless wonders of Tsavo. Together with the Kenya Wildlife Service, we’ve protected our wildlife habitat and its breathtaking biodiversity, making it one of the greatest in the world.

We are thrilled to welcome familiar faces and first-time visitors to Finch Hattons as we celebrate our 30th anniversary this year. Our tailor-made luxury safari experiences capture the magic that is Tsavo, creating unforgettable memories in the hearts and minds of our guests. From Flying Safari’s to Long-Stay offers, every experience has been thoughtfully crafted just for you.

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Kenyan Hospitality

Celebrating Our People

Discover the heart and soul of Finch Hattons

Our hospitality is defined by gastronomical adventures, impeccable service, and unforgettable safaris into the African wild. We take great pride in calling Tsavo our home with our roots firmly planted in Kenyan soil. Our intimate knowledge of the area and its unique characteristics allows us to provide guests with a truly authentic experience that reflects the very essence of Kenya.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Finch Hattons tribe.

Our Luxury Tented Suites

Built with sustainability and privacy in mind, our camp features 17 luxury tented suites offering panoramic views of the natural springs and surrounding landscape. Our award winning, architecturally designed suites blur the lines between the indoors and the outdoors with an open plan design welcoming the cool African breeze and the harmonious sounds of nature calling from the African bush.

Create an intimate connection with the treasures of Tsavo from the comfort of Finch Hattons, where hospitality and Kenyan flair is nothing short of world-class.

Finch Hattons

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Finch Hattons

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Finch Hattons

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Elephant Herd

Wildlife and birdlife

Finch Hattons Leopard on a TreeFinch Hattons Leopard on a TreeFinch Hattons Leopard on a Tree

Luxury Experiences

Find tranquillity and adventure in our corner of Africa

Whether you’re marking a milestone occasion or seeking a solo adventure into the African Wild, Finch Hattons has the means to make every stay with us a memorable one.

Unwind at our award-winning Chyulu Spa and indulge the senses in a bliss of tranquillity. Join our local game guides and witness the wondrous wildlife our Tsavo has to offer. Explore the hidden mysteries of the undulating Chyulu Hills, one of only two in Kenya, and the grandeur of our granite monoliths. Young explorers delight in the educational adventures curated by our Young Explorer’s Club, while lovers, groups and new friends gravitate towards the burning boma to recount the tales of the day.

Timeless Safari

The Spirit of Tsavo

Step into the extraordinary at Finch Hattons

Embrace the extraordinary at Finch Hattons

Embrace the extraordinary at
Finch Hattons

Tsavo West National Park is Kenya’s oldest and largest national park, covering nearly 22,000 square kilometres of boundless space, varied terrain, and unrivalled biodiversity. From riverine forests and semi-arid shrublands to volcanic lava fields and prehistoric granite monoliths, Tsavo’s diverse landscapes and ecosystems yearn for exploration.

The protected land is home to Africa’s Big 5 and more, including over 12 000 elephants that roam the Tsavo plains. Witness the majestic dust bathing rituals of our red elephant herds as you become familiar with the native calls of our bountiful birdlife species.

Beyond the remarkable landscapes and abundance of wildlife, the spirit of Tsavo is truly spellbinding, leaving an imprint on the hearts and souls of travellers who have witnessed its glory.

Guest Reviews

Din Meyy
Din Meyy
July 28, 2023.
Yann Metz
Yann Metz
July 9, 2023.
Amazing place, very private and hidden. Fantastic food and service. Many animals nearby.
May 26, 2023.
ale maleko
ale maleko
March 31, 2023.
William , Jonathan and team... Good job.
carl chaffee
carl chaffee
January 10, 2023.
Monicah Mwende
Monicah Mwende
December 27, 2022.
The best place to be if you love being in the wild.

Pulse of Africa

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Your journey to a timeless African Safari begins at Finch Hattons. Learn more about our camp, our stories and the true meaning of luxury safari experiences.

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Safari Adventure

Start Your African Safari Adventure

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+254 70 953 4000
Mon - Fri: 09:00 - 17:00

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